We transform data into action.

  • We make sure that frozen food stays fresh.
  • We drive IoT innovation.
  • We tune retail stores to your wishes.
  • We center businesses around data.

We help companies understand and act on their data. Spoud collects and analyses high volume
data streams and creates actionable insights in real-time. Our insights unlock answers and
our answers generate value.

Hidden value of data.

Companies, machines and IoT devices generate massive continuous data streams. More than 99% percent of it doesn't create immediate value. To unlock its value, it needs to be analyzed, filtered, put into context and condensed. We discover what's hidden in plain sight.

Unlocking answers with data.

We discover connections and patterns. This allows us to distinguish between normal and abnormal behaviour, relevant and irrelevant. These observations allow us to create rules and train our machine learning algorithms to create automated answers from continuous streams of data in real-time.

Our answers create value.

Answers create value, if they lead to action. Spoud delivers answers through dashboards and integrates them into existing frameworks and systems. Delivering data to the right people at the right time.

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