A human centred approach to data-driven enterprises.

We empower a collaborative data-driven culture

  • We deliver managed data, so you can focus on value
  • We provide governance to manage the security, quality and flow of your data
  • We orchestrate data communication between IT systems
  • We fuel enterprise wide 1-click data self-service
  • We power data-driven companies with real-time data
  • We are the right answer to GDPR

Is your data a valuable resource or a never ending source of integration projects?

We observe a fast growing problem for enterprises to maintain speed and agility because they are increasingly absorbed by integrating new data sources and the costs of building and maintaining a data distribution and communication layer. We call this problem a data logistics problem and guess what? We solved it for you.

Why a data market?

A data-driven company needs all its people to be able to drive data.

The SPOUD Data Market creates a highly efficient and resilient data supply chain for your enterprise. We close the gap between data storage and fast, enterprise-wide data consumption for teams and operational systems. By enabling humans and IT systems to easily use and understand your enterprise data assets, you turn your data into a tool and your company into a collaborative data workshop. Only a company with people who can see and understand company data, can support and grow a data-driven culture, where data is driven by people. Only companies that truly embrace such a data-driven culture will be able to keep up in this fast changing world.


We have companies that trust in us.

What is the data market?

A Data Supply Chain for your Enterprise.

Understanding your customers and other key assets means understanding their data. Being a customer driven company means being a data-driven company. Being data-driven means allowing your people to access data universally and support them to automatically obtain new insights. This is what we believe in: a human-centred approach to data-driven enterprises. This is exactly what the SPOUD Data Market does. Here is how:

  • Universal self-service data access - Discover, understand and consume data sources centrally from an intuitive and sexy user interface.
  • Trust and Reliability - Our product produces trust and reliability by establishing data contracts between sources and their consumers.
  • Speed - Speed and agility through minimizing integration costs for new and constantly changing data sources.
  • Governance - Simple but powerful governance to manage permissions and access to data assets.
  • Resilience and Scalability - Our system is based on a highly scalable, distributed streaming platform that is able to handle delivery guarantees for near real-time data at massive scale.
  • Transparency and Accounting - The Data Market knows exactly how much and what type of data flows to which system at which time. This feature makes it perfect for person related data and pay-as-you-use data.
  • Real-time and Archived Data - Our system is built to deliver real-time data, but can easily deliver archived and batch data as well.
  • Cloud and On-Premise - Use the Data-Market either in the cloud or directly in-house as an On-Premise solution.
Our customers want to be able to easily integrate new and constantly changing data sources fast, and understand the current state and development data quality in order to understand what they have.


The SPOUD Data Market combines the power of groundbreaking and industry leading technologies to help us solve your daily challenges efficiently.

Data Logistics Alliance

Our data supply chain vision is broad and daunting. Even more important is that our product is rooted in a solution to the most severe data problems of today’s enterprises. This is why we are working very closely with industry partners to exchange experience, problems and help each other to shape the future of data-driven enterprises.
For this purpose we have started forming an alliance of selected, visionary industry partners. In small informal meetups we exchange data stories about failures, lessons-learned, best practices and visions specific to Swiss enterprises. Because sharing experience and problems can be an intimate topic, the meetings are strictly for selected members and there is a strict non-advertisement policy.

We have coffee. You have a data story. Let’s share.