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At SPOUD, we empower our customers with data streaming solutions to unlock the potential of real-time data, providing expert guidance and cloud-native event streaming solutions to transform data into actionable insights.

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Our unique focus on event-streaming makes us the perfect partner for your data-driven future. We help you get started with Kafka or enhance your current Kafka infrastructure.

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To help you get started or advance on your event-streaming journey, we offer a variety of services.

You’re planning a data-driven future for your company? We can help you in the different areas, from business & use case assessment, to defining the right services and setup to help you achieve your goal.


You’ve already started with event-streaming and need resources, help or just someone to challenge your ideas? We can help you with our expertise in the different areas, so you achieve your goals.

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The streaming-world is an essential part of our corporate culture. We make data valuable, enable real-time data insights, create better customer experiences and know Kafka like no other.

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SPOUD Services

Event streaming opens up new dimensions, but it also comes with new challenges. SPOUD supports you on your event streaming journey with a lot of experience and know-how.


Software Development


Grow with new use cases

Event driven architectures are valuable because they provide a technological pattern that can be applied to solve a variety of different problems enterprises struggle with.


Using event-brokers as data storage. Data lakes if you will.

Real-Time Analytics

Processing information in real-time as a situation unfolds in events. Often analytical applications.

Integration Platform

Connecting data producers and data consumers in a loosely coupled architecture.


Distributed services synchronized and decoupled with events-architecture.

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