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Helping La Mobilière to Better Understand their Customer’s Journey

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How it started

La Mobilière wanted to have a better understanding of their customers’ journey. The goal was to analyse customer behaviour and to deduce which services have potential for improvement.  

In a further step, the data obtained will be used to improve La Mobilière’s services, adapt the customer journey and generate a generally improved user experience. This “customer journey” use case is a perfect match for Kafka, and thus for SPOUD.

However, back in 2017 La Mobilière didn’t have any Kafka or event-streaming experience, but they already had a lot of data. La Mobilière started to build their Kafka Cluster and in order to unleash the full potential of their data sets, they brought SPOUD on board. The goal of SPOUD was to build knowledge internally around Kafka Connect, and to accompany La Mobilière on its event streaming journey – from evaluating possible solutions to the realization of the “customer journey” use case.

“SPOUD has helped us implement Kafka Connect. They consulted and supported us on our 
Event-Streaming Journey, and with it, helped us understand our customers better”


Analysts at La Mobilière had to request data dumps manually, which made real-time event streaming quite hard. At the same time, the available data had little context, making analysis difficult. They had a data-warehouse concept in place, but no Kafka-systems yet.

As La Mobilière had already developed the “customer journey”-use case, which had to be technically implemented with Kafka Connect, a lot of work has already been done. The main challenge La Mobilière had was to implement the Customer Journey Use Case End-2-End. SPOUD supported them from the Click-Event, to the analysis of the dataset with real time-technology, such as Kafka Connect.

About La Mobilière:

La Mobilière aims to offer its customers optimal and holistic advice on insurance solutions. For this reason, they are pioneers in digitalization. It was founded in Berne in 1826 and has been headquartered there ever since.

Solution & Benefit

So from a business perspective, a lot of potential was uncovered. By helping implement Kafka Connect, La Mobilière’s customer journey strategy could be pursued. For example, website behaviour (Click-Event), customer databases and other services can be connected to take the customer experience to a new level. This enables the possibility of mapping the omnichannel customer journey and generating knowledge from it. Meaning: Online data (online touchpoints) are linked with offline data (CRM, etc.).

On the technical level, SPOUD has helped to connect Kafka Connect to surrounding systems, meaning data streams and in particular Click-Events can now be analysed in a more productive manner. Those implementations helped to have a better understanding of the customer journey. The infrastructure is still in active use years later.

Additionally, SPOUD supported La Mobilière by:

  • Developing Kafka Connect plugins for databases: SPOUD developed the necessary plugins, in order for La Mobilière to link their systems
  • SPOUD has supported La Mobilière’s engineers and analysts in the use of the technology
  • Helping La Mobilière to analyse the behaviour of their customers

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Gaétan Collaud

Software Engineer