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Kafka Trainings: Unlock the Power of your Data

Enhance your Kafka expertise and gain hands-on experience with our comprehensive and customizable trainings. SPOUD’s Kafka trainings ensure that your company gains the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively utilize Kafka in your projects. Our trainings can be conducted on-site or online.

Hands-on Experience

Our trainings include practical exercises and hands-on labs, allowing participants to gain real-world experience with Kafka. This interactive approach helps reinforce learning and builds confidence in applying Kafka in their work.


We understand that every company has unique requirements. Our Kafka trainings can be tailored to meet your specific needs, ensuring that your team receives the most relevant and valuable content.

Certified Experts

Our trainers are experienced professionals with in-depth knowledge of Kafka. They can provide comprehensive training on Kafka concepts, architecture, and best practices.

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How it works

Our value proposition

Our two day Kafka trainings offer a unique opportunity to enhance your team’s expertise in Kafka, providing comprehensive knowledge and hands-on experience. With tailored content and industry insights, our trainings empower your company to make informed decisions and effectively implement Kafka solutions in your projects.

  • Customized training for a deep understanding of Kafka (Producer/Consumer), Kafka Connect, Kafka Streams.
  • Training with Kafka experts, structured based on the needs of your company.
  • Hands-on training in the context of your own environment.
  • Addressing general and specific questions.

Target Group

Our Kafka training is specifically tailored for:

  • Software developers and engineers looking to enhance their understanding and skills in Kafka
  • IT professionals responsible for managing and maintaining Kafka infrastructure
  • Data engineers and architects interested in incorporating Kafka into their data pipelines
  • Data analysts and scientists interested in leveraging Kafka for real-time data processing and analytics
  • What you’ll learn

    • Understand the architecture and main components of Kafka
    • Learn how to produce and consume messages using Kafka
    • Understand the concept of topics and partitions in Kafka
    • Understand the role of Kafka in a larger data ecosystem and its use cases
    • Learn how to monitor and troubleshoot Kafka clients
    • Learn the fundamentals of Kafka Connect and Kafka Streams API for data integration and stream processing
    • Learn best practices for performance tuning and scalability of Kafka Applications
    • Enablement to develop and operate Kafka Applications

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    How to get started?

    1. Reach out to us
    2. Meet with our Kafka experts to discuss your needs
    3. We prepare and present you the ideal agenda. You’ll get a non-binding offer.
    4. Iterations
    5. Learn!

    What is the experience level required for participants?

    To benefit from our Kafka trainings, participants should have a basic understanding of distributed systems and programming concepts. Familiarity with Java or another programming language is recommended, but not mandatory. Our trainings are designed to accommodate participants with a range of experience levels, from beginners to advanced users. We recommend clustering the people in experience groups, so that no one is bored or overwhelmed.

    How will the event be structured, and what does the schedule look like?

    To outline a tailored agenda, we will meet with the individuals in charge and construct a plan that aligns with the company’s requirements. The agenda is highly adaptable and will be shaped by the company’s needs. The suggested agenda items are as follows:

    • Introduction to Event Driven Systems
    • Kafka Fundamentals
    • Kafka: Usage with Java
    • Kafka: Usage with Quarkus
    • Architecture: Refactoring Microservices with Kafka
    • Kafka: Versioning Schemas with AVRO and Schema Registry
    • Kafka: Connect your data systems to and from Kafka, with Kafka Connect
    • Kafka: Stream processing with Kafka Streams & KSQL

    What are the costs involved and are there any discounts for early registration or group participation?

    The costs depend on the duration and the number of participants, and will be discussed during the first meeting.

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