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High Level Kafka Trainings for Managers

Our High Level Kafka Trainings are designed to get team leads, product owners, program managers, scrum masters, and managers up to speed on Kafka and its ecosystem. The trainings can be conducted on-site or online.

Interactive Experience​

Get practical, hands-on experience with Kafka through interactive exercises.

Real-World Examples​

Explore real-world use cases and learn how Kafka is used in various industries to solve complex data streaming challenges.

Make informed decision

Throughout this concise 0.5 to 1-day program, you will acquire the foundational knowledge needed to make informed decisions within your role.

How it works

Our value proposition

  • Tailor-made training for understanding Kafka for product owners, team leaders and managers
  • Training with Kafka experts
  • Training structure based on the needs of the customer
  • Training with exercises and demos
  • Clarification of general and specific questions

Target Group

Our Kafka training is specifically tailored for product owners, team leaders, scrum master, and managers in general.

What you’ll learn

We support you in driving strategic decisions, improving customer experience and ensuring seamless coordination between technical teams and business goals. After this training, you will have the knowledge you need to effectively lead your teams in utilizing the features of Apache Kafka.

  • Understand the need for event-driven systems and their use cases
  • Get to know different event streaming solutions
  • Understand the architecture and main components of the Kafka ecosystem
  • Understand and recognize changes that occur in collaboration through the use of an event-driven architecture.


How to get started?

  1. Reach out to us
  2. Meet with our Kafka experts to discuss your needs
  3. We prepare and present you the ideal agenda. You’ll get a non-binding offer.
  4. Iterations
  5. Learn!

What is the experience level required for participants?

Anyone with touch-points to Kafka is welcome to participate in the training. We will begin with the fundamentals and then concentrate on the key aspects.

How will the event be structured, and what does the schedule look like?

To outline a tailored agenda, we will meet with the individuals in charge and construct a plan that aligns with the company’s requirements. The agenda is highly adaptable and will be shaped by the company’s needs. The suggested agenda items are as follows:

  • From monoliths to event-driven architecture
  • Products and technologies in the event-driven ecosystem
  • Kafka Fundamentals
  • Messages – how are they structured
  • Impact on collaboration
  • Kafka at your company
  • Tools and guidelines

What are the costs involved and are there any discounts for early registration or group participation?

The costs depend on the duration and the number of participants, and will be discussed during the first meeting.

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